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Just thought I would share some pics of the ribs I smoked last Sunday. Got kind of lazy and just used some "Famous Dave's" rib rub just to see if it was any good. Was not too bad for store bought stuff. So, anyway I sprinkled them with the rib rub the night before and wrapped them and stuck them in the fridge over night. The next morning I sat them out when I got up so they could get a little closer to room temperature. Before I put them in the smoker I sprinkled a bit more rib rub, some fresh ground pepper, and a bit of garlic powder on them and stuffed them in the smoker. I put them in at about noon at 225 degrees and let them go till 5:30. They turned out very good but I am thinking they could have stayed in for maybe another half hour, tho the bones pulled out clean and they didn't last long on the table! I was lucky to have a bit left over to take to work for lunch the next day.




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Looks yummy!  Nice job. 

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Those look pretty good, bet even work was better for a day.

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Lookin good Dave! Smelled good when you heated them up at work too. My dog said thanks for them rib bones. I'm getting ready to post some pics myself.

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Thanks everyone, for the good words. :a42:

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