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Sirloin tip question

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So I got a 4# sirloin tip roast that's been rubbed and in the fridge from last night. If I want to pull it like a pork butt, should I get the IT to around 200f or so?
I do like a good medium rare roast too, but I'm thinking maybe I want pulled beef.
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Hello.  IMHO is a shame to pull but what do I know?  IF I remember correctly that roast is a really tight grain lean cut of beef.  I could be wrong, have been many times in the past.  IF I remember correctly it doesn't really lend itself to pulling.  CAN be done though.  I would take it to 210-215 IT and then try.  Just my opinion.  Others may have better advice.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!


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You're going to want to cook that guy to your medium rare temp. If you want pulled beef get yourself a Chuck or seven bone roast.
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The only way you could easily pull that roast is to braise it in liquid like a pot roast in a Dutch oven on the stove or in the oven. Would be a waste to do it that way though. It is best as a roast beef, medium rare.
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I'll pull this one at 135 and I'll do a chuck roast another time and leave it till it gets to 210.
Thsnks guys for the advice
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Too lean for anything I would like to pull.


Take it to med rare.  Fridge overnight.  Slice thin for sandwiches.


Heaven on a pastry!


Good luck and good smoking.

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Well I got it to 140 then pulled it off and wrapped it for 20min before carving for dinner.
Turned out really good for my first time I thought. I used lump coal and hickory chunks, which I found to be too strong. Next time I'll use apple or cherry.

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Hello. Many folks find Hickory and Mesquite too strong.  I find that blending wood chips allows you to "customise" the flavor you are looking for.  Glad you didn't try to go for pulling the roast.  Nice job.  The next smoke will turn out even better.  Keep Smokin!


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