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Price for wood?

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I was helping a neighbor clear a field and one of his friends was helping as well. He has 3 ten-wheeler loads of oak and cherry and some maple he's looking to get rid of from a lot he cleared. It's all cut to about 18 inch lengths but needs to be split.

I have plenty of room for it and access to a log splitter. He wants $800 for all it. He'll deliver it to my house for that price as it's tying up his trucks currently.

Is that a good price? I've never really bought wood before as I usually take whatever I need off my land.
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Three dump trucks full of oak, cherry and maple? I say go for it.

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in MA good firewood is going for about $300 a cord (split and delivered). I would buy it all!


Might want to separate out the cherry wood and if you have a lot you could cut it to chunks and resell it and make some $$ back to cover the investment. 


Good luck! 

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