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First smoke on weber kettle

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I am a newbie to smoking Q.This is my first cook on weber kettle.It is a bacon wrapped pork loin. I injected it with apple juice and let it sit in refrigerator for 24 hrs then rubbed with oakridge dominator rub and wrapped with apple smoked bacon. I smoked with apple wood chunks at 250 for 2 hrs 145 it was the juiciest and most tender pork loin I ever ate. I have been reading a lot of the posts on this forum and combined the info to do this cook.
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Welcome to the forum from a rainy East Texas Man that color fantastic


Gary S

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Welcome from Canada, OG.



That pork look almost too good to eat!


You will do well on these forums, we love pictures!


I look forward to your posts.



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Thanks for the compliments I have learned many things from reading posts on this forum. I am looking forward to learning and getting help from you guys and gals that are full on info
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