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Pre-Smoking on a pellet?

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To maximize the smokey flavor that you get from your pellet what would you guys recommend for pre-smoking? I know food when its the coldest is when it will take up most of the smokey flavor. I've been doing 1 hour on the smoke setting and a P-Mode of 4. My unit goes as low as 180 for the temps but the smoke setting seems to run around 140-150. Do you think thats not enough or that its to much? Would you even mess with the smoke setting or set the unit at 180?

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I don't have the stock controller anymore, but when I did, I would always start on the smoke setting, which for me ran right at 160, for at least a couple hours, then bring it up to 225 to get the meat through the danger zone. I bought the tube smoker from Todd last summer and get that going, and in the Traeger before lighting it, on anything I want to increase the smoke. Works very well. ,

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