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Need advice on whole turkey

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I am hosting an annual BBQ at my house a week from this Saturday.  I'll have 3 smokers going, and on one of them I plan to do a whole turkey (aprox 13.5 lbs).  I've only ever tried a whole turkey once before, and it was about a year ago.  It came out OK, but to be honest, I can't begin to remember what I did, or how I cooked it.  I've read a bunch of posts on this site about brining the bird ahead of time, but not too familiar with the process.  I'll be using a Brinkmann Gormet charcoal smoker for the turkey.  Any suggestions on brining, and/or a simple recipe?  Cooking temp? Wood? etc...

I'll have roughly 50-60 people coming to the BBQ.  I'll have 6 racks of ribs, pork butt, smoked baked beans, smoked chicken wings, and the whole turkey.  Appreciate any suggestions or tips!!!  Thanks in advance!

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You should use the search function at the top of the page. You could read about turkey for several days. Many many ways to do yardbird. I prefer brined in citrus brine and stuffed with garlic, apples and onions. Apple wood smoke. I am sure you will get some good ideas though.


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I sent you a pm. great link to the best turkey post ever.

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I brine overnight with 1 cup kosher salt and 1 cup brown sugar for each gallon of water. Make enough to cover the bird.Use something like a bag of ice to hold it down in the brine. I use a 5 gallon bucket and put it in the frig overnight. Rinse completely before cooking and I inject with creole butter (a lot of it) and cover in Jeff's rub. Never had a complaint and I usually do 12-20 for my squadron thanksgiving day lunch. There are many ways on the site to cook them just have to find one that looks good to you and give it a try. I'm sure what every you do will turn out good. Make sure to post the Q-view Good luck!

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checking the link out now.  I agree...lots of good info.  taking notes now.  Gonna be a long but good day of smoking some meat!!!  haha.  Thanks again.

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While I love smoking meat, nothing beats a deep fried turkey.

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With Ribs and other meat you need to figure 1 rack for every 5-6 people or 2 ribs each. I find after trimming and cutting you get 12 Ribs per rack. So 6 racks will give 1 rib for most people and 2 for a couple. You need 4oz Pulled Pork per person which is a small sandwich. 60 X 4oz = 240 / .5 yield = 480  /  16  =  30 Pounds of Raw Butts to let everyone have a sandwich or scoop of meat. Turkey portion size is 1-2oz per person at 60  X  1.5oz  = 90oz  /  .5 yield  = 180  /  16  =  11.5 Lb Turkey, so you should be fine with the 13 pounder. The number of Wings you buy depends on when they will be served. As an appetizer you need 2-3 whole wings or 4-6 pieces, after separation, per person. Serving with the meal you can figure half that number. These number are based on 60 and slightly on the generous side but Leftovers are a lot better than people thinking you are a Cheap SOB. And if you keep the meat Hot as you should be, people will keep Picking as the party goes on...JJ

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Not too worried about not having enough food.  Will also have tons of hamburgers and hot dogs on the regular grill, and pasta salads, potato salads, and a bunch of other stuff.  We always end up having waaaaayyy too much food.  But a good time none the less.  I'm just excited to have 3 smokers going all at once.  Have never tried to smoke this much food at once before.  Will see how it works out.  Will post some Qviews the day after so everyone can see the results!

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Damn! That sounds like a good time. Good luck...JJ

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