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Brisket Cooked Quick

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So this is my fourth brisket that I have done, each one better than the last. My problem with this one was the time it took to get it done. I had a whole prime packer that was about 12 pounds, estimating about 11 pounds when I got done trimming.

I put it on at 6am and by 11 I was already up to 165. My grill temp was at 230 for the duration of the cook with little fluctuations. (Maverick 732 thermometer). I pulled it off and wrapped it and by 3pm it was at 195. I started checking for doneness and let it go another half hour before pulling and putting in a cooler for 2 hours.

This seems exceptionally fast to me even though I know every piece of meat is different. This one was done in just a little over 9 hours when all the ones I have done before have taken 12 plus. There was pretty much no stall time.

If anything this came out a little dry but was still very tender. Any ideas on why it cooked so quick?

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      Blame it on the giant moon phenomena.  I was smoking for a wedding this weekend, breasts, pulled pork and Jeff's double smoked hams and had weird stuff going on with the smokers, temps, etc.  I do think it makes a difference if the temp outside is 90 degrees plus(it was) vs. say what we can see in our neck of the woods in the lower temps, no matter what that smoker says the internal temp is it seems to cook faster when it is hot out.  Best regards, Steve

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I have noticed that also on higher outside temps- always thought that it was my imagination..... hmmm

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