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Smoking Chops tonight (q-vue included!)

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After working so much the past 2 months, and having my 4th of July weekend that was supposed to be for smoking meat interrupted by moving a friend 4 hours away, I quit early today to fire up the smoker!  Put on some chops that were marinated in Wild Turkey Rare Breed overnight and rubbed with salt, pepper, cumin, onion powder and some fresh grated garlic then coated with brown sugar.  I'm smoking them with some of the bourbon juice in the pan so they stay nice and moist.  Here's some q-view, and I'll update when the chops come off the smoker!

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Bet those chops tasted awesome...looking forward to those pics!

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mmmm Bourbon Chop! *drool*

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Yes they were awesome!! We both enjoyed them. Here's the finished product.
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They look nice. How long did they smoke for? Was there a big difference then doing them on the grill?

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I preferred them smoked. They stayed juicier on the smoker resting in that marinade. They were on there for 2 1/2-3 hours smoking at around 250*. I smoked them with 3 dry cherry wood chunks.
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I think some smoked chops are in my future! Nicely done! 

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