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Here's another newbie!

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Howdy! My name is Kendall and I live in Arcadia Florida. I have a small citrus grove care business and have been smoking a little for about a year. I have an electric MasterBuilt (not sure what initials to use). I've smoked a venison backstrap, a boston butt or two, and a couple pork tenderloins. Oh, yea and I did a big turkey last thanksgiving, too. I've really enjoyed it and am looking forward to learning a lot here in this forum!

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Hey citrus man welcome to the SMF I am also a Floridian.
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Hey, that's great! Thanks for the welcome!

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Hello Kendall, and a big welcome to the forum from East Texas


Gary S

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Welcome to the forum, this is one great site for help and great recipes. I have enjoyed it over the last two years and I have gotten much help when needed. Don't be afraid to ask.



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Hey, thanks for the welcome! I grew up just north of Pensacola in Walnut Hill so I know your area a little!

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