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Dunn's smoke meat brisket

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I purchased a vacuum packed smoke meat brisket from Costco that you steam for two hours before serving. Can you smoke this on a bbq instead, at what temp and for how long?


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I have not seen these at Costco. Is it already smoked? Can you post a pic?

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Sorry for delay in replying. I have no picture of the smoked meat. It is a Dunn's Smoke Meat Brisket that Costco carries in their Canadian warehouses, Costco may not have them in their US locations. Dunn's is a smoke meat restaurant chain out of Montreal. I did smoke it for two hours then steamed it for another two hours before serving. Don't think the smoking did much for it, next time I would just steam it.


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Isn't Dunn's the ready to serve version? Sliced and pouched? I bought one pack before ....I don't think it will hold well if you smoke further. Being sliced and all...

There was another brand: forgot the name. Whole piece of meat (not whole brisket). Was actually corned beef. Can't really make smoked brisket out of it. I made pastrami with it....cold smoked then steamed. Was a little on the tough side.

I remembered: corned beef was Rachel's.
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Your right, it was whole piece vacuum pack. Cooking instructions read to steam for two hours or until fork tender. I went ahead and gave it a two hours on the smoker than steamed it. Next time I will just steam it. Cheers. 

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I didn't know Dunn retails whole piece too. I hope you enjoyed it.
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Steam it in a bed of Shiner Bock or Shiner Black
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Good idea, will do that on next one I purchase, thanks.

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Not sure if all Costco locations sell Dunn's smoked brisket, depending on size cost runs 15 to 25 dollars CDN.

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