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1st time doing Baby backs

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Newbie here, I've been on this site for a couple weeks and have been dying to smoke some baby backs and finally found 2 racks on sale at my local BJ's this weekend. The wife still prefers St. Louis style ribs but these Baby Backs came out delicious and look forward to trying again very soon. I tried 2 different rubs, 1 for each rack that I saw while browsing the forums


BTW, I used Apple wood and the 2-2-1 method



After applying the rub, one was a very sweet and the other was sweet with a little kick


Wrapped with brown sugar and before putting in apple juice


After foiling, pardon the piece of meat missing I couldn't resist a taste lol


back onto the smoker after foiling to finish up and first application of sauce

The finished product

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Looks like you nailed it, nice job! Bet those were mighty tasty!

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Thanks! I was actually very impressed with how they came out and the family loved them

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