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QVIEW from the weekend

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Hey Everyone,


Well over the weekend I did more smoking then I have ever done and all in all I would say that it turned out to be a pretty big success. I did  12 pound whole packer brisket (and Burnt Ends) an 8 pound pork shoulder, 10 pounds of wings, and a few bacon wrapped chicken breasts.

So here is a look at the brisket after I did a little trimming to it. I trimmed the cap down to about 1/4 of an inch, and took a little bit of fat off the point that wasnt going to render down much. Other then that I left it alone.

Brisket after being rubbed with a simple Texas rub that was heavy on the black pepper.





Here is just a picture of the chicken breasts I did. I brined them in just a simple solution (water, salt, sugar) and then wrapped two slices of hickory smoked back around each.

Here is the 8 pound pork shoulder. I Wanted to get a good picture of the rub I used which is the Pork Barrel All-American Spice Blend. If you havent used this rub yet I highly recommend it.

The cubed up point for from the brisket before it went back into the smoker for the burnt ends. I just added a little bit more rub to them before they went back in.


The finished brisket. Turned out ok. Prior to this I dont have a lot of experience with brisket. Parts of it were a little dry but for the most part it turned out really good. (If anyone has brisket advice I would gladly take it)



These last two pictures are just a look at the final spread. I added a little BBQ sauce (Stubbs) to the brisket and finished it off in the oven just to add a little bit more moisture back into it. In the two bowl are the wings I smoked for about 3 hours, pulled them, and finished them on the grills. Once they were done I tossed them in a buffalo blue cheese sauce, and a North Carolina vinegar based sauce that was heavy on the red pepper flakes.


Thanks for checking this out everyone. I welcome any comments. Have a good one :)

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I forgot to mention. All of this was done in my 30" Masterbuilt electric smoker.

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Hey David, Good job, looks tasty to me, nothing like smoking several different thing and having them all turn out.


Gary S

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