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Baby Back Ribs (2nd attempt)

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What's Up Strangers?!  Been away from this site for quite awhile.


Finally got around to buying a few racks of ribs from Costco.


Used Applewood Rub on a few racks, and Sweet & Smokey (with Chipotle/Cinnamon) Rub on the rest. All by McCormick (favorite season brand lol)


They sat in the fridge for about 6 hours, then had to cut them in half to fit nicely in my smoker.


Went with the 2 - 1 - 1 method. 2 hours unwrapped, 1 hour wrapped, 1 more hour unwrapped, and bbq sauce lathered up at the last 30 minute mark.


Enjoy the View :)  They came out awesome, tender, great smoke ring, and very flavorful.










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Nice job! I'd be hittin' those if I were there! :smile:

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Look great to me bud, were they better then your first attempt?

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They look great!! Im a newbie at the smoking thing....if I may ask, why did you go 2-1-1 vs 2-2-1(thought 2-2-1 was the standard for babybacks)...did you do 2-2-1 on a prior attempt and feel they came out too mushy during the foil phase? Im just trying to gather different experiences from others. Thanks!

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Knifebld - A lot better, my 1st ones came out dry and stuck to the bone.
These were moist and fall off the bone :)

TexasRob - First time I did about 3 hours around 275 and no foil at all, they were plenty edible but I looked around and this was one of the methods. But yea some people do use the 2-2-1.
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Those look awesome!!! Very well done!

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