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Wild Pig hams

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Hi all been a bit since I have posted.


 got one of the hams from a wild sow my nephew shot and the itty bitty bellies!  I started them in Pops Brine today( my first time ever doing a ham and using his brine)


Here is the picture

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Wow! How great and fun to see something different! How did it come out? Cheers! - Leah

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I can't wait to see how this comes out! This is gonna be a long 2 weeks for you, I'm sure.

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Yep gonna be a while on this one..... Probably a bit more then the 2 weeks.  His recipe says a month for hams to soak in the brine....... This one is only 7.5 lbs so maybe it should only be 2 weeks.  I sure don't know but don't want to end up with it being under cured,

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