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The CharGriller Owners Group Official "Introduce Yourself" Thread

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Just to get things started...post a little something about yourself, how long you've been cooking on a CG, maybe post a pic of your pit or mods you've done, etc.


I live in Old Town, Maine and have been cooking on my CharGriller since 2008, my daughter bought it for me as a Father's Day/birthday/Christmas present. I have used it year 'round ever since.





What's your story?

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Well, I'll join in?


Lots of CG threads in the search feature.


Maybe too much info and too many mods that are not needed?


Guess I have been using mine for about 6 years now.


My first offset after graduating from the old upright ECB.


I will be happy to help newbies and to learn from any CG user.


Post up your experiences with this unit and let us know!


Good luck and good smoking.

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I'm in too!

Less than a year for me on this smoker.  Still learning. Very happy so far, with some not so happy experiences too.  LOL


This Char-Griller group will soon have many members.  So glad to see this group started. 

Many people use these smokers, but "search"' usually brings up just mods.  Not HOW to use them.  I can see a great benefit from this group.




Thank you Cliff, for getting permission to get this forum group started.


Long over due in my book!

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I'm lemans ... Live in Jackson nj
Have a CG DUO w /FB (trio) been
Under the influence for about a year
Can't get enought !
Have added a horizon convection plate
Rutland fire bricks two new therms extended
Stack to grill level and my latest
Edition a IQ120..
Pork butts ribs and brisket ... Cold smoke
In the winter using amazin 5x8
On the pro pain side. Took out out heat tents
Two 12 x24 expanded metal and ceramic
Briquettes in its place. Super Even heat.
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Buster says We're In !!!
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About time we had our own group
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Gloucester Township , NJ. Just got this CG about 1 month ago used. So far have done couple racks of ribs and 20lbs of Chicken Leg quarters. Been searching through this sight to look for mods to do because I can't seem to get this smoker to keep temp. The hottest I have gotten it has been 250 for like 30 minutes. After that I am stuck at 150F. I guess it's a user issue thing. Hope to learn some more and get some more smoke inhalation!

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What CG do you have? Do you have a SFB?
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Originally Posted by Lemans View Post

What CG do you have? Do you have a SFB?

CharGriller Outlaw w/ side fire box.

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I agree Lemans. About time. Glad to see more members finding this new group. Now maybe I can learn a little more specifics, on using CG.sfb, or even (gasp) help someone else with my own learning curve.


And besides, it always helps, to talk with someone who has the same smoker you are using to get advice on methods.

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I made a 12 x 12 charcoal basket for my CG Trio. However it does not fit. for those of you that have Trios or use the SFB what are the  measurements of yours.


On a side note.. Here's a pic of my first brisket :drool:


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The basket for my chargriller side fire box is 12x12x6.
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Nice. I always smoke in a aluminum pan
No clean up
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I smoke in an aluminum pan, but only sometimes based on what I am cooking.


But, I always use disposable drip pans under the cooking grate.  The pans are cheap at the dollar store, and they will usually be good for more than one smoke.


Another advantage is that, when carefully configured, they act as mini baffles and help keep temps even along the cooking grate.


I should add that the drip pans will not act as a heat sink unless there is water involved.  I believe it helps only in directing air flow.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Mini baffles?  I use those too!


Like this Venture?




or this



A cheap semi-fix to help direct smoke and heat for sure.   But, until I can figure out exactly what I want in a heavy plate of metal to even heat as well as direct smoke, these will do.

I'm using these as a learning tool for myself.  They DO help quite a bit more than you'd expect.


But no mass to help with heat.  I put a couple of 1/4" thick grill grates I found for free, just to hold the heat.  They too, made a difference side to side, as well as with lows & spikes.


Like I said these are temporary, until I decide to lay out some bucks for thicker baffle plates to suit me.   Trial & Error.  Trial & Errors.  We'll get there sooner or later.  :biggrin: 

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Hi everyone. I'm excited to see a Chargriller group forming and I've enjoyed the information that's already being shared on here. Below is a photo of my Chargriller Outlaw smoker that I've installed a few modifications on. To begin, I sealed the gaps between the firebox and grill with RTV silicone, installed angle brackets on the grill lid with stove gasket to seal in the smoke and heat, dropped the smoke stack to grate level, added two grate level thermometers, and repainted the grill with high temperature black paint. The last mod I've done was a charcoal basket with a divider so charcoal burns in a U pattern. As it is now, I can burn one basket of charcoal and chunks for 6 hours at 250 degrees, which fits my smoking.

I look forward to learning more from the experience in this group, and I'm grateful for smoking meat forums.

Happy smoking!
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Looks like you did your research Matt. Unit looks great. Hope to see some great Q.
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Thanks Jason, and thanks for introducing me to this group!
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Howdy folks,


Been using my CharGriller Outlaw for 7 years now.  With some modifications I believe she a several more years left in her.  Right now I'm trying to figure out if I should buy/build a convection plate or tuning plates to get more even temps from end to end.  Cheap aluminum cookie sheets with holes punched in helped a lot, oddly enough.  But they eventually burned out.  Anyway.

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