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Looking for Ideas on a Pork Loin

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Hi everyone,


I'm doing just a 2 pound loin this weekend, just kinda looking for something different to try.  Last time I did a rosemary/thyme cook - which was great.  Ultimately I may just toss a bunch of stuff together into a chili powder/bbq mix I did on a pork roast a couple weeks ago.  Just wanted to see some ideas or suggestions from others.  I also am considering trying a simple glaze/bbq for this. 


Whatever I use for the loin, will likely be used on the chicken drumsticks I'm also starting tomorrow.  


Thanks for the help.

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Brine this one. You'll probably never smoke another without brining first.

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Wow. That looks.. incredible Foam! :drool 


Unfortunately I'm missing a few key ingredients for that this evening.  But I'll definitely be trying that one next time! Will have to try it out when I go home to the family briefly before going back to school.  

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Gavin, check out my thread on Smoked Pork Loin with Mahogany Sauce.
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Dang.  Now I wish I could've posted this earlier before I had gone to the store lol... 


Ended up doing a marinade thing on the loin.  Some Mccormick's bbq rub, sweet betsy's season salt/stick pick rubs (from local locker), dried mustard, cayenne, EVOO, kosher salt.  Then put in some cider vinegar, apple cider, whiskey, water, and maple syrup in there with it to set overnight.  Will see how it goes.. 


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Hey Gavin, how did the pork loin turn out? Looks and sounds great!!!
We tried something yesterday that turned out really nice.
Pork tenderloin, rubbed with your preference of rubs, then wrapped in bacon.
We smoked it on the lower rack of a WSM18 with the dome temperature running around 250 per the Weber thermometer, which I estimate the lower rack would have been around 225 or so (we didn't have a probe for the lower rack). the tenderloin sat right above the water pan.
After 5 hours we probed the IT and it was at 150 so we removed it and rested it for 1/2 hour. It was moist, tender, and really delicious. Just another option if you want to try something different next time :-)
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I am just placing the meat in the smoker now.  Was able to take your advice TexaxTiger and found some bacon in the fridge to use for the loin haha.  My only concern is when I took the loin out of the marinade this a while ago - parts of the meat had turned colors... So I'm a bit worried about that, hope it cooks out alright.



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Also the wood I'm using is an apple & hickory.  

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Final result.  Bit mad at myself I was on the phone, and when I pulled the chicken at an hour I checked the loin.. it was already at 170 (Cooking @ 230-235)!  Resulted some toughness, but flavor was good.  


Another reason I'm also annoyed my brand new remote thermometer I purchased from Cabelas last weekend was a dud... Will be so glad when I get a replacement shipped to me. 

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Hey, Gavin both the chicken and the pork loin look great! And that pork loin cooked really fast! Glad to hear the flavor was good.


I also hope the replacement thermometer works out. In case it doesn't, and in case you happen to be looking for a different one, I use a Maverick ET-732. Amazon has them if you can't find them locally. I didn't have it with me when I was cooking on the road the other day, so I couldn't really tell what the grate temperature was on our pork loin - I feel bad that your time & temp results were so different from mine.

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