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Masterbuilt pro success

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Kinda new to all this, just found this forum and just bought my first smoker a Masterbuilt pro.
I`ve read here about people having trouble getting good smoke so thought I`d share my experiences.
First try was disappointing hardly any smoke but I`m savy enough to realize that if the container you put the chips into isn`t going to get hot enough to burn wood it can`t smoke.
So first thing I looked at was to see if the chip pan was making good contact with the heating element which it wasn`t, can`t smoke that way.
The element was hanging down to low for the pan to touch it so a simple bending of the support rods that hold the element up and bingo contact.
The pan itself was not flat either which makes it impossible for good heat transfer, hammered it flat and that was another improvement.
But the final fix for me was to remove the bottom rack and do away with both the chip pan and water pan and put dry chips in a old pie pan, one of the thin ones and set it right on the element so the parts of the element were touching the pan.
Just got through smoking some ribs and had good smoke for the whole first three hours of the smoke and there was half a pan of chips left.
No flare up or problems just good smoke.
Best ribs I`ve ever ate and now happy with the smoker.
Disclaimer, this is info was what I found to work good use at your own risk.

Nice board thanks for having me.
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Welcome to the MES Modifying World LOL  They are great but the stuff u have to do is funny. I have a Mod MES40


Enjoy the site show us some smoke


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Well seems the pics didn`t show up. ?????
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U have to click on the link but That Old Boy looks good.


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Thanks Richie, I think it will work for me.
Any ideas why the pics didn`t show here, that`s how I generally post them on boards.
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Sorry not a big fan of photo bucket. This site can down size your pic, with its program.

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Tried putting all of the codes under the picture into the upload box that your link showed and it still didn`t work.

Guess people will just have to click on the links I posted.


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If you are uploading from a computer you want to click on the little picture icon above where you type a reply. You will see size, to the left and 5 boxes to the right is where it is. Click on that and you can browse files on your machine. If you are using your phone to take the pictures I find taptalk to be a good app for this website. That way you can send your Q view directly to your post right from your handset. I am not a big photo bucket fan as they delete pictures after some time so when you are doing research on what or how to do something you end up with no pictures say a year or two on. It really is easier than you would think with this wonderful site. Happy smoking, timber.

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Thanks for the posting picture info again, not hard to click on the links I posted and it takes ya to the pictures.

Fine smoke coming out of that smoker isn`t there?

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Unless you are viewing from a phone or other device or my old computer that sucks with photobucket.:beercheer:

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I`m sorry you find it offensive, I contributed what I thought was a good idea the best I could.

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No offense here. Just old slow computer.

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Glad to hear, I don`t have much patience for these modern things so do the best I can .

Ribs are coming along nice and can`t wait to dig in.

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No replies so my thought must be old news.

Well it`s working good for me lots of smoke.

I built a new large  house smoker but no sense in posting about it when I only get replies about my posting pictures.

I tried.

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