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Greetings From Australia

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Hello All,


My name is George and I was born and raised in San Francisco Ca, but have been living in Australia for the last 8 years or so.  I lived in Byron Bay for the first 4 years which is in the northern part of Australia and is considered pretty much a "Tropical Paradise".  I've been living in the western suburbs of Sydney for the last four years.


I have been barbecuing for 25 years or so and have owned both Webers and CharGrillers.


I was recently attracted to this web site because of the thread:


When I moved to Australia 8 years ago I left my CharGriller behind (idiot that I was) and was not able to find another one until 6 months ago.  As such, I've recently renewed my passion for barbecuing.  Even tho I've been barbecuing for 25 years I consider myself a complete NOOB and have only recently even begun making the distinction between smoking and grilling.

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Welcome aboard, George!


Adding OZ to your profile will help folks, even though we have no clue as to your altitude or climate there?


Like you, I grilled for many years.  It was accidentally, through indirect heat grilling, that I got into making real que.


Interesting how some of us had to follow the same path.


But we both, thankfully, ended up in a better place.


Good luck and good smoking.

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Hey George, hello and welcome to the forum from East Texas, glad you found yourself another CharGriller 


Gary S

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Welcome to the forum. Lot of good info on mods for chargrillers. I have the chargriller outlaw and I got a lot of good info from these guys and gals. Good luck!!!

Here's a link with 25 pages of info on chargrillers.
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