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using pork chops for sausage

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When to the store today and found a good deal on pork chops. Can i use chops over pork shoulder to make sausage. The only thing i can think of is i might have to add fat because they are alittle lean. Any thoughts. Thanks
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It works great, like you said it may need more fat. I sometimes use salt pork if I don't have enough fat put aside from other projects.



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Sure you can, but as you said you will need extra fat, 20% to 30% depending upon preference.  A few months back I found pork sirloin roast on sale but I could not find any fat-back. I made the sausage anyway and they came out too lean, I should have added bacon or waited.

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There are sausages that are meant to be made from loin meat.  One is exactly that, "pork loin sausage", recipe here:


It's similiar to Krakowska which is usually made from lean ham meat.  Another is a classic Polish sausage called "Lisiecka".

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I too got a good deal on loin ends, even with more fat it is a drier meat. I used a course grind as its my favorite, you'll need a smaller grind.


Best sausage I ever made was when I caught sirloin roasts on a sale. I think it must have been a mistake, the butcher never has done that again. LOL

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Most pork loins that stores use to cut their chops come in "pre-trimed".  Some stores just sell pre-packaged meats.  The loin end of the pork loin is the leanest part.  The rib end [where the assorted chops come from for example] has the most fat.  The chops from the rib end would not need much added fat, but the loin end and the center part would need additional fat.  Like others have said, it depends what type of sausage you are making as well.  Reinhard

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