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5 TriTips and a Couple Racks of Spares

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I was cooking my dad a tritip a few weeks ago so I put the offer out on FB to anyone that may want one. Got the other 4 sold. Color difference below is from the 3 being from the freezer, vs the 2 I picked up at Sams that day.

Did my usual Garlic Salt + Pepper. Then a dust of Tatonka to finish. Cooked some in a 22.5" OTS Kettle and some in the XL BGE. Both w/ the Vortex running Kingsford Blue Bag

Also had a request for some ribs, so I put those on too. Treated with Mad Hunky GP and the final layer was some Killer Hogs rubs I recently picked up

My T-dust is now in the Smokin Gunz shaker

Put a little of the rib ‘glaze’ on the tritip that was for my dad. Figured easier to experiment on his than the others

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That looks really good, Excellent job. I bet there were smiles of satisfaction on every face.


Great job!

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Can't go wrong with a pile of Tri Tip! Looks great!
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That looks great nice job. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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That there is some mighty tasty looking food, makes me hungry this



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man they look great. the meat you smoke not the ribs but the other trangle shape meat where do you find that cut, pls hit me back soon i would like to add to my menu. . . thx jdub ribs from da bronx

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Looks great Thunder, keep forgetting to place an order for that Tatonka dust :(


How did those tri tips look when sliced?


Great job!

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Great color on those ribs! I wish we could get Tri-tip around here more often!

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Well, I'm impressed (and hungry and just finished eating an hour ago)

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Have to agree, great looking food, nice color on those ribs !

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:points:for a job well done.  Looks mighty tasty!!!



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