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Hi all - new to smoking

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My sons just got me my Masterbuilt 2 door combo charcoal/lp gas from Home Depot for Fathers Day. I promptly converted it to natural gas, and being the over achiever I am I tackled an 8.33 lbs Choice Brisket from Costco. I smoked it for 6 to 8 hrs Including foil wrap for the last 3 hrs. Man-o-man did that bugger come out soooo tasty, tender, and delightfully smokey (Mesquite with a touch of cherry & apple). Nice bark and my own rub.(picture attached) Next I'm going to try a couple of organic F-R chickens, a sockeye salmon tail, and some Almonds. This could get addicting! [IMG]3109275611[/IMG]
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Hello and welcome from East Texas


Gary S

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Hello all

I am a newbie and wanted to know if anyone can direct me to some builds that converts an old gas grill to a smoker. Thank you for your help

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