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Leah Dear, my wife and I just got back from the CA State Fair. The have a big wine section, but that's not what made me think of you. This did!!

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Maybe you should take up fishing to a point. At the right time of year, you will have your fill of bluefish. I have seen the surface of the water look as if it was boiling, with the activity of sea birds an feeding blues. As if a scene in a movie, if you get it right, you literally can pull them in as fast as you can get the jig out.....again and again and again. Eventually your arms and back ache from the frenzy.
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Good Morning Ray, and that's fantastic!


The statue looks familiar indeed and made me smile!


I hope you both had a very wonderful time at the fair, and that piece actually looks like one of the talented Bearcarver's creations as well!!! So fun!


And Knuckle47, the imagery you describe sounds just wild! There is a culinary side of me that would love to fish, and yet a non-patient component with certain sports or tasks that sort of directs me to other creative endeavors where I oddly can deliver more patience (at least comparatively) and so perhaps I need to chat up more fishermen! Smiles.


But bluefish, now that is one mighty fine treat!


Happy new week to all!


Raise a big "goblet of gratitude," quite high, and for this new gorgeous gift, of a wonderful week!


Cheers! - Leah

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Bluefish called tailor here. Some big specimens out there at the moment but it's cold in the kayak.
They smoke in a traditional English way really well. Best caught then bled then iced IMO. Nice in that Indian empire dish,kedgeree ?
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Hi Leah!


Your fish looks absolutely fantastic!!! And the striped bass is one of my favorites - we have it here in the Mediterranean, and I often get it straight off the fishermen's boats in Jaffa port. 


I usually get the fish smaller so it fits on the smoker. One that size would fit the grill though, and I already can sense how wonderful it'd be basted with a pickled garlic baste... 


Speaking of wine... I had the pleasure of travelling to Alsace a week ago, and the ride through the winemaker's villages like Ribeauville, Riquewihr etc was absolutely thrilling... I was advised by a good friend, a fellow wine lover, to visit the Trimbach winery, and that was... something out of this world. Their Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer are incredible! Not mentioning the muscat, which is produced in Alsace dry, not sweet, like in most places, which was so good I could not resist bringing few bottles of each back home.





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Hi Mick! Yes, that Indian dish you mention is with the spicy rice and cooked egg, yes? Never thought of bluefish that way but it sounds great! And I agree with you on the bleeding and icing and eating! Right when fresh!


And Ed, your wine choices sound wonderful! I normally am not a fan of such and yet agree with your pick and also love Zind-Humbrecht's Riesling and Pinot Gris! (Dry, balanced and fabulous).


Late to this reply, as I was gifted ANOTHER striper on the beach today, oh my!


The fisherman's pal caught this one, a 37 inch and 19 pound fish, and then he gave that to me, and the other man, (the kind one who gave me my first striper a week back), then caught a 37 inch and a 35 inch this morning, and a fisherman's wife caught a 39 inch! A great morning on our beach to say the least!


Nonetheless, I paired this one with a simple Aussie Penfold's Chard that was here, as I was home all day, cleaning, scaling, gutting, and smoking and cutting steaks. I'll post it in the fish.


Cheers to all! How lucky and very grateful am I!!!!!!!!! - Leah




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Yeah that's it, mixture of English & Indian.
Fish are certainly biting in your ' hood.
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Indeed! Yesterday morning was quite the fish day around here. Happy Tuesday! Make today delicious!!!!!!!!!!!! Cheers! - Leah (On wine notes Mick, that quickie pick "Penfold's Chard" isn't bad)! This Aussie phase of mine is getting fun!

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Not mad on Penfolds chard.Our best comes from Western Australia & I have a soft spot for Scarborough from the Hunter Valley very old district 2 hours north of Sydney..Family outfit. Some of the Yarra Valley & King Valley chards from Victoria. I think the cooler climate regions get it right more often. Its been over planted in places that don't really have the best climate,IMO.

I struggle with whites.I like chard & pinot gris but am picky about which ones. Those blends of semillion,sav blanc can be diabolical. :icon_eek:Don't start on straight sav/blanc:hissyfit:

I will get this Cape Jaffa shiraz in 2 days. I have to get out & find 2012 vintages from Mount Monster same region,same pricing,same attitude. Real "fruit bomb" as they say here. Will age well if you have the patience but just brilliant young.

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Hi Mick! Indeed sav blancs and such can be so foul. I hated and avoided ALL white for 3 decades mind you, though have developed a palate for some Chards and old world Chard (White Burgundy) as well.


I'm not patient enough to cellar or age wine, and not good at waiting or passing up the opportunity to eat or drink a wonderful thing and RIGHT THEN, coupled with me being a "Wine Cougar" (like my men older but my wines YOUNG) and so it's fabulous to hear of drinkable "Now" finds indeed.


Meanwhile, thanks for sharing the wine notes on the good ones as you are teaching me and our group so much and it's terrific!


Cheers!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Originally Posted by Leah Elisheva View Post

Indeed sav blancs and such can be so foul.
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Hilarious! (Atomicsmoke). Yes isn't the subjective wine world a riot?


I crack up hearing my own descriptions daily of what's rotgut or not fit for the kitchen drain even, and what hails from the Gods as delectable syrup and so it goes.


Amusing to say the least!


Happy Midweek to all! Make today just amazing!!!!!! Cheers!!!!! - Leah

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Descriptive epithets indeed Leah.

To each his/her own resonates so true in the wine lovers' world. I still have one of the two Premier cru Chablis bottles I picked in Bourgogne in 2009. Not that I am patient to allow a wine to age...just don't enjoy it as much as other varietals: such as a foul Pouilly Fume or some New Zeeland fruity plonk Moikel loves so much LOL.

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Hysterical! (Atomicsmoke). Though I would down that delectable "Sea of Chablis" in a heartbeat, and skip the Fume, and so it goes.


Then again, this is coming from a gal who loves snails and octopus, raw ostrich, and antelope etc., and eats Dijon - spoon to jar to mouth to jar to jar - OK, so we all have different palates.


But yes, it's fun stuff indeed!


Just had a Dijon, tarragon, shallot salad with mussels and Boston Bib & Raddichio salad mixed and that hit the day's spot! AND, with more quickie Penfold's Chard that needed to be used up, and it did work!


Here is to happy matching and smoking this week! Cheers! - Leah

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Happy new and very wonderful week, you great Winos!


I discovered my favorite way to eat this striper, alas, (how fun to have a freezer full of samples as to "get it right"), and that is to take either smoked striper meat or grilled, and then add it to fantastic red sauce and pasta!


My favorite Chef is Jean-Christophe Novelli, and his red sauce (with star anise and vanilla bean in it) is so out of this world, and so I made that, and added striper and mushrooms to wheat-free angel hair ("brown rice & flax pasta") and then splashed fantastic Greek oil across it all, blue sea salt, and black pepper.


A delicious experience! 


As for vino, a red would be perfect! BUT, I had a Malvasia on hand (a blend of whites that is often made with dried grapes and thus has a very dark and intriguing golden color, a unique almost "Scotch-like" alluring nose, and a sophisticated and arousing taste that, when coupled with the fun of twirling fork to spoon pasta, can just send one into an ambrosial damn trance) and so that Italian white was my pick and it was incredible!


And you all? What's cooking, smoking, sipping, and so it goes?


Cheers to everyone!!! Make today delicious and this new week the best one so far!!!!!!!!!! - Leah

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Just wondering, have you ever washed and dried seaweed to use as an added flavor addition to your smoker? I've read a little about it adding some flavors to seafood. Laying it out in the sun to make it able to burn after rinsing salt and sand is a apparently a method to use.
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Happy Tuesday to all! And Knuckle47, no, I haven't heard of this and just LOVE learning it now therefore! You people keep me current!


Thank you tons! I'm going to try it!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Sounds good in principle! What's the name of that sea weed the Irish eat?Lav.... Something.
There is obviously all the Japanese stuff. Can't be that far removed from using straw at the French seaside to cook mussels,can it.
I saw a dish on TV where mullet was wrapped in this sort of river grass & steamed. It was in Sardinia where the bottarga is made.
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This seaweed concept is really fascinating indeed! 


Meanwhile, speaking of sea "things" and smoking, and wine; I did use up some freezer striper treats today.


I smoked the meat, and made a quickie albeit fabulous "smoked striper salad," with gala apple, raw elephant garlic, the striper skin "cracklings," soft boiled eggs, and a batch of fabulous dressing (blue sea salt, black pepper, apple cider vinegar and Greek olive oil) and it was delightful.


Using up things that happened to be around, I smoked two small fillet pieces of striper for 40 minutes, on low heat this time, and it was soft and sensational!


Happy midweek to all! And here's to those very generous fishermen as well!!! How grateful am I! Cheers! - Leah


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I have to apologize for my lack of adventure in eating certain things. Never acquired a taste for eggs other than scrambled, fish ( I eat it don't don't crave it) and some exotic beef like that camel and other things.....but, I Have to try that salad dressing!
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