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Coastal Smoker

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Hey Y'all! After getting a new smoker for Father's Day, I stumbled upon this forum looking for tips and tricks that pros and enthusiasts use, and suffice to say I'm excited about smokin some delectable eats! My name is Allan and I live down on the MS Gulf Coast where seafood is the de rigueur but there is a growing movement of smoke-heads down here....hmmmm...wonder if I can smoke crawfish...
Anyway, I owned an ECB earlier and didn't like the babysitting I had to do with it so asked for and received a 2nd Gen MES 30". I think I was kind of dismayed with the results from the ECB so was a bit disappointed with what I was producing, so I can't wait to really get started with the MES and I already have plenty if questions!
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Welcome the above link has all the info you need on your smoker, I am happy with mine even after, having to put in new controller,Chip tray, remote.

Did the mail box and AMNPS  to mine it is great.


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Welcome to the group! Was curious on the crawfish, so I typed it in the search box and got sooo many threads on it. This truly is a forum where you can find just about anything!


Looking forward to viewing your upcoming smokes on your new MES30, cheers!

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Thanks for the link!  I was planning on doing the same setup with the thermometer, what type are you using and did the one that came with the unit not work or majorly off or something? 

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Thanks Knifebld!  I have already posted some questions on pork butts and will definitely try to get some pics uploaded.  I didn't think you could smoke crawfish so I will definitely have to do a search just like you did! 

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Hello and welcome to the forum from East Texas


Gary S

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Welcome from Northern California
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welcome from the east coast

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I did not try the meat probe that is built in. The one on top I have been using for years, I trust it.


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Thanks guys!

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