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Question about cure #1 from butcher & packer

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Ordered cure #1 from butcher & packer through amazon. Contents are pink as expected, but label says 6.25% sodium nitrate. I was pretty sure cure #1 is sodium nitrite....? I appreciate any help. Just feel like I can't win here! ujabytyr.jpg
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It is sodium nitrate. You are good to go! :pepsi:

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Please disregard the above post...

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I was distracted and made an error

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No worries. I'll probably call the supplier this week to see what they have to say but I wanted to see if anyone else has encountered this potential labeling error.
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I would verify, if nothing else than bringing the situation to B & P's attention.  However, based on the alternate names for Cure #1, the directions for measuring and how much Nitrate is in Cure #2, I would say it is a Typo. See Below...JJ


From...  I think you have Cure #1




Some Other Names:
Prague powder #2; 
InstaCure #2; 
Modern cure #2; 
D.Q. powder #2

This cure is a blend of salt and sodium nitrite and sodium nitrate. The salt is added as a carrier and to make it easier to measure. In the United States it is dyed pink, so chefs and the home user will not mistake it for salt or sugar. It goes by several different brand and generic names, but they all have the same formula of 89.75% salt, and 6.25% sodium nitrite, and 4% sodium nitrate (1 pound of salt, plus 1 ounce of sodium nitrite, plus .64 ounce of sodium nitrate). 



Some Other Names
Pink Salt; 
Tinted Cure Mix (TCM); 
Tinted Curing Powder (TCP); 
Prague powder #1; 
InstaCure #1; 
Modern cure; 
D.Q. powder; 
L.E.M. cure;
Sure Cure;
Fast Cure;
Speed Cure

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It's a typo.

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E-Mail that picture to them..... AND.... ask for a new 1# package of Cure #1....... and maybe they will also send a "return shipper" label so you can send that stuff back......

If it IS truly cure #1, that is a prime example of REALLY POOR quality control... You SHOULD be able to trust a label as to what you are getting, especially when it comes to something you are going to eat.....

If other packs are incorrectly marked, and some unsuspecting person does NOT recognize the error, (if it is one), problems could arise.....
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Thanks for the advice guys. I'm fairly confident it is a typo and #1 but I will contact b&p and let you know what they have to say.
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