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Amount of charcoal.

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Posted this in " blowing smoke" think it was the wrong place for it.

Smoked a but for the 4th. Best one I've ever done. Went for about 13 hours and I used about 12 charcoal, and 5 lbs of lump, with some 2 inch hickory sticks the first 2 hours. My question is , how much fuel should I have used, does that sound normal? I have a oklahoma joe highland. By the way.

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that seems like a lot of charcoal to me, but i don't have your type of smoker, so I can't really answer that for you. Have you sealed all of the air leaks in it?

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It's pretty tight. I mean your nit gonna make a submarine outa it but hardly any smoke comes from the door..... Hardly any.

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