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Newbie Smoker

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Greetings all,


A little about me: I am 44 married father of 11 year old twin boys and I'm thrilled to be here. I am fortunate to live in Franklin, TN (just 10 miles south of Nashville) and love to cook. I've been wanting to learn how to smoke for as long as I can remember and now I'm jumping in with both feet. For our 20th wedding anniversary, my bride purchased me a Landman 2-drawer smoker (yes, it's fueled by propane, but I'm a newbie so cut me some slack). Here is a picture I took about three weeks ago on my first smoke:



I'm eager to learn from both this group and the smoker itself. I believe that smoking meat (and other things) is an art and it has to be honed over a period of time and experiences. To date, I have smoked:


- 5 3/4 pork butt (mix of mesquite and cherry - tenderness was spot on but I wasn't wild about the mesquite flavor)

- Bone in chicken thighs (apple wood - great flavor and finished on the grill to crisp up the skin)

- Eggs (apple wood - these were FANTASTIC)

- Steak (Jack Daniels Whisky Oak - just a quick smoke before slapping on the grill. Amazing!)


I look forward to learning a bunch from this group!

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Welcome to the board! Hm, you're just down the road from Lodge...

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Hello and welcome to SMF from East Texas


Gary S

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Originally Posted by gary s View Post

Hello and welcome to SMF from East Texas


Gary S

Thanks, Gary. I'm from Texas as well (Plano) and now living in Nashville.

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