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Hello smokers!!!

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First time smoker here with a Traeger Tex LE.  Have had it for five days and smoked four of them. Can't wait to do the full round of meats, then get into those oddities no one would think to smoke.


I'm from Portland, OR (really Lafayette, but no one has heard of it).  Love to Salmon fish and camp.  Work takes up the rest of my time.


Happy smoking!!

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Welcome bud, a lot of experience here. I used to attend the Rose Festival back in my Sailor Days. We used to take the Pageant girls up the Columbia. Even got caught in Mount Hood last time she erupted. Anyway, welcome aboard!

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First and foremost, thanks for serving!!!!! flag.gif


Secondly, they probably still do that today.




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Hello and welcome to the forum from East Texas


gary S

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