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Bark- Moist vs crispy

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   I've now been smoking for about a year and have only been able to get one of my barks crispy, the very first smoke i did lol


My process


Inject my meat 12 hours before grilling

Put meat on smoker at 225* (it'll usually smoke between 225 and 245 for the duration of the smoking process)

when meat reaches around 150-160* i wrap or pan and put in oven.


NOW, i have tried wrapping very tight (first smoke came out crisp)

put in pan and put tin foil lid (came out moist)


Here is the kicker, on my smoke from the 4th, i pulled from smoker and wrapped VERY tight in tin foil and baked in oven until about 195-200*


Pulled pork, wrapped it in some towels and it rested for about 2 hours before i pulled it for eating.


NOW, the meat was crazy moist, very tasty and everyone loved it.


My question, what can i do to get a crisp bark? 


As you can see from my process, the constants are the cook time and temp, i always use the same injection and same rub.


Now, every smoke i did last year, i used apple juice and white grape juice in my water pan in the smoker, on the 4th, i used stright water.


Am i keeping it TOO moist inside my grill to allow for a crisp bark?


Should i try removing the water pan and relying on my injection for the moisture?




Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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i'd also like to piont out, i started this whole thing blind, water pan just seemed like a good idea to me, so i went with it, i smoked before i ever read on this forum or really learned anything so im still very green obviously and 100% open to trying new things.


I smoke on a Char-griller pro that i made a few simple mods to that have helped me to maintain temp very well and use less fuel.  So im happy with that.

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Don't wrap in foil to get the bark

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What about the moisture?

I don't want yo risk loosing that.

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No Foil and if using Water, only add 2-3 Cups or so and let it evaporate or dump it, giving a Dry Chamber after the first 4 hours. You also must have your timing Spot On so you get to 205° and tender, only resting on the Counter 30 minutes and Pulling it. ANY time in Foil, even to rest an hour or more, and the bark will suffer. The only other thing you can try, I have never bothered, is to Rest or Hold as needed and go back in the smoker or hot 425°F Oven, uncovered, to re-crisp the Bark, just as needed. IF you stay at 225-275°F a Butt will not dry out, plenty of Fat and Collagen to keep the meat moist, besides you Inject...JJ

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Thanks Chef!


Im doing another shoulder probably this saturday, i will give that a whirl. 


I appreciate the help folks.




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Ok, well i havent smoked since this post, but im doing 2 10lb shoulders tonight, starting at about midnight and hoping to eat around noon. 


Im going to try my hand at doing it with just injecting and doing no wrap when i move to the oven.  I'll just stick it in a pan and hope for the best.  Just seems very weird.


I love to watch pitmasters on TV as sometimes it gives me new ideas, but they always wrap there meat and their bark always turns out fine lol.  I guess im just no pro.

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Start now if you plan on eating at noon, don't try to rush any cut of meat. If it gets done early big deal, but if lets say 10:00 comes around and you're only at 170* you're going to bump up the temp to get it done(bad idea). Start it early...Start it early...Start it early...Start it early. Did you get my hint?

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Start now?  at 4pm the day before?

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For time estimation 1.5-2 hrs per pound. I have had a 7lb shoulder take 14 hours before.

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Well I hope it doesn't lol. I'm giving myself 15 total. Lol.

They are now. Been on bout and hour. My grill is being a complete jerk tonight and its wanting to stay at 245 minimum. So looks like I'm cooking at 250ish tonight.
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