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Sunday roast Texas Style!!

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Well here we go.    Rib roast done on the Weber 57 cm kettle.  I was busy working on the “new to us caravan”  on the 4th of July so I decided to take Sunday afternoon off and smoke some meat.




The new Weber Kettle starting to smoke, yes it is white smoke but it tames down considerably.




Well here is what I started with, a bone in rib roast weighing 1.3 kg. ish.  FINE tasting cut of beef.




As I said before just rubbed with salt and black pepper.  Rubbed and ready to go to the smoker.




Started at 16:00, finished at 17:30.  I am afraid I don’t use a meat therm or smoke chamber therm.  I would smoke at 275-300.  Ready to take off the smoker!




Well here is the final product.  A few beans, some potato salad and some Mexican rice.  Was a REAllY great meal!



Thanks for looking.  Keep Smokin!


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That looked great Danny. Is there any left over... I will be right up Thumbs Up

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Good looking food Danny

Smokin Monkey
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Danny - From your "Time to put up or shut up" post I can see that you are getting a little nervous of the competition. I can also detect sweaty palms in the way you are typing. Cold sweats? Having trouble sleeping? What you need is a good friend to comfort you and to reassure you that everything will be alright on the day...


Well some people think that winning BBQ competitions is a struggle between life and death - but we all know that they are much more important than that! So in an attempt at increasing your insecurity and gaining that vital edge on the day I thought I would post this rib roast picture to further  deepen your feeling of inadequacy. MUA HAHA HAHAHAHAHA 



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You can tell how long ago this was as I was still using the Weber Style thermometers - long since relegated to the depths of Room 101

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Wade, behave yourself, or I will have to get the Muzzle Out.

We are meeting for a friendly weekend of good food and company!

Smokin Monkey:jedi:
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Hope you guys don't mind, but I gotta say, "That even looks Great all the way from this side of the pond!!":drool:drool


Mighty Tasty!!-------------:points:




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Hello Bear.  You feel free to jump in anywhere you like.  ANY input you may have is VERY welcome.  Hello Wade.  That's a great lookin rib roast.  I can't even afford to buy meat for that.  For me and the missus we usually only have one, maybe two rib bones.


Oh!   By the Way Wade;  probes, wires, gadgets??  You won't find my meat wired to mains electrics.  Just a prayer to the Great Smoking Gods and let the "force" guide you grasshopper.  :jedi:   You see when you start using all that stuff and it dings when ready, they call that a microwave! :ROTF  Be sure to bring a LARGE supply of batteries in case your gadgets quit working.  Would be a shame to ruin a nice piece of meat because your gadget doesn't ding.  :icon_biggrin:  Keep Smokin!


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Originally Posted by KC5TPY View Post

 Hello Wade.  That's a great lookin rib roast.  I can't even afford to buy meat for that.  For me and the missus we usually only have one, maybe two rib bones.


Thanks Danny. I must admit  that I don't usually buy one that big but we had a crowd of people to feed that day. It was one of the last things I bought from my local butcher who was more concerned about making a profit than listening to what the customer wants. A couple of dodgy boned pork shoulders later I stopped going there altogether and found a better butcher a few miles away. He does get a lot of custom from me and now offers me meat at wholesale prices - which I don't complain about.

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Hello Wade.  Can't beat that!  Everyone needs a good butcher close by.  Treat them right and and bring along some smoked meat for 'em and the perks start coming.  My local butcher makes sausage for me; to my recipe.  I don't have to do the work and I don't have to buy the equipment.  BONUS!!  Have fun all.  Keep Smokin!


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Hi Danny, was in Costco today, and they had Rib Roast in, well it looked like that in your picture. It was a thick slab about 5-6 inch for about £15.00. Is this a good price. Should of got price per kilo. Will text me mate who works on the butchers counter their to get the cost per kilo.

Smokin Monkey
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Hello Steve.  If you are getting 5-6" thick, 4-5 rib bones for that price then JUMP on it.  I paid almost £20 for that 2" 2 bone rib roast.  Keep Smokin!


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