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Thanks for the add!!! New to smoking meats. Just bought a pellet grill. Love the way it is so easy. Had another pellet grill and that was so cheap made so today gonna try some turkey breast on a new chargrill pellet smoker!!!!
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Welcome to the board! My sister is in Patterson.

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Yes that's not too far lol.
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I'm still going through some of the spices I got at the Konriko store.


Have you tried the chunks of retired oak Tabasco barrels? Soak them and you get red water. When we were at the store the bags were only $5, one heck of a deal.

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What does it do to the meat? Does it make it spicy?
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I didn't taste any pepper heat in the food but they give a nice aroma, mainly based on the oak wood.

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The store you got is from is it online or in Louisiana?
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I got it at their company gift shop on Avery Island. I don't know if it's offered online.


We did the factory tour, but all you see is part of the packing lines, not actual production. They keep their cards close to the vest *G*

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Thanks for the info!!
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Hello and welcome from East Texas, Did a job in Houma back in the early 80's at one of the refineries, Some good eaten down there


Gary S

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Yes food here is different. Even alot of differences between new orleans cajun food and bayou cajun food.
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