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Yep Sarge, replaced ALL SI#3 wiring, replaced heating element, installed permanent thru-the-wall probe - bypassed SI#3 analogue controller, controlled now by the digital Pid Auber. Good to go. Who knows what was bad on it - it was sitting somewhere for over a year (it is stamped May 12, 2013) before I purchased it new in June 2014. I replaced everything. I don't know why I got a smoker that was over a year old. Maybe it was reconditioned. I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. So it took me over a month, over $300 additional (not including my time) to get the smoker to work (reach over 185 degrees - I used 3 thermometers). I just wish it looked more refined.

With the new PID Auber controlling the SI #3, I can now go over 185 degrees. I did quite a few smokes with ribs (St. Louie and babies) and they came out excellent. I will be doing a pulled pork this weekend. I'll throw some pictures up. Thanks for all your help, Sarge!

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The sitting doesn't necessarily mean much....some parts set around for years without trouble....The #1 (exact same model temperature controller as the #3) I bought in March of this year was also made on May 12, 2013 (Edit: See my next post in this thread) and it works just fine.

These are very simple smokers, it's very odd that you've had so much trouble.

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You are welcome Ernie. I am glad it has all worked out at last.  I don't think the date on the  plate matters as  much as it would a car or computer or other electronic/digital gadget constantly being upgraded to keep pace with technology. Moores law says todays computer purchase is obsolete the following day.  (It is something like that, just cannot quote it correctly). In any case, do post pictures when you get them. And I am glad that excellent is back in style. 


On the refined issue.  I watch old re-runs of Gunsmoke.  Festus is not refined looking, but reliable and there when the chips are down.  (just a little Arizona humor).






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Actually, after looking at the #4....looks like the day is first on the date stamp...the #4 is stamped 18-11-2013 and as far as I know there isn't an 18th month. biggrin.gif
So, looks like the smokers mentioned above were made on December 5th 2013 and the #4 was made on November 18th 2013.


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I am sorry I didn't see this earlier. I currently have just the MES30 and it operates exactly as I expected.


I just bought a MES40 which yes is reconditioned at the factory and tested. The factory has them on sale, I got the 20070311, which is a Gen1, SS body, glass front, top vent, 1200W, remote control.



I added the MES Cold Smoke Generator for an additional 29.95


Normally I shy from rebuilt anything, but to get a fixed and tested Gen 1 unit, I figured I couldn't go too wrong.


There is a post on the boards here with the phone and the CSR's name. But I think she got in trouble with her boss after it was posted here. I called back this last week and all you get is her recording that she'll call back....LOL


I will either be excited or despondent later this week. I have got fire breathers also, Pits large and small, but lately I have been really just using the electrics. I have to admit though both the Case Special Mini and the Komodo Green Egg's have got my interest aroused.

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I've been down the Masterbuilt's a very hazardous road with a big cliff at the end ...biggrin.gif..never again....the Smokin-It is a far better smoker comparison really.
They work great and are trouble free when used as intended and directed.

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Originally Posted by DiggingDogFarm View Post

Good deal!!!
They are good smokers when used as directed.


Well-said, Martin - as usual! 

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"They are good smokers when used as directed." What are you saying here? I'm happy you are happy with yours, Dig.

Which it was (used as directed). I don't know what else to tell you. The smoker WOULD NOT reach over 185 degrees when set at 250 degrees. I can have all 125 people (or so) at my niece's graduation upload a notarized statement who witnessed this, if you'd like?


It works now as advertised with the PID AUBER and a thru-the-wall sensor at and aditional cost of $300 including ripping out (and replacing) ALL the wires.

The only reason I kept it was that it didn't make sense to send it back at MY COST (because it WAS DEFECTIVE). The matter was handled unprofessionally and have yet to receive one phone call from the Company.

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I think it is time to bury this dead horse.  This forum, as well as others, is to share triumphs and recipes, and provide help to others and share helpful information and tips and all sorts of things and stuff like that there.  


Notice I did not mention acrimony.


When one learns something, and it is positive, it should be shared. If it is negative, it should likewise be shared but in a positive way, stopping short of it becoming personal.  The vast majority of SI and ST users do not modify their smoker.  Yes, some may experience a problem, and when the forum cannot help, the company does.  And the details are rarely made part of a public forum.  Generally, I will read, or get a PM that all was solved and the user is happy.  And then they turn what they learned during the process, like converting the the smoker, into a learning tool for others.  It becomes quite helpful. The posts on the Masterbuilt smokers is a prime example of that.  So many problems, so many fixes, so many happy users.


I will say that having a digitally controlled smoker that is solid on temps is highly desirable.  But they come at a cost.  Either a high price for one built from the ground up as digital, or at a lower cost with components  and sweat equity.  In the end, the customer ends up with what they wanted all the time.  It just took a while to get there.  And they saved money in the long run.  


In this case, when the smoker ceased to work, the Auber was added, yes at extra cost because the Auber is an accessory, and the smoker gained a new life, and is now digitally accurate.  That is what I mean by taking a negative and turning it into a positive.  


Time to reflect, pull the saddle, and bury this dead horse. For the benefit of all. 


Thus ends the sermon. 

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Originally Posted by Big Fish View Post

"They are good smokers when used as directed." What are you saying here? I'm happy you are happy with yours, Dig.

Um, just to clarify and for the record, the above comment of mine "They are good smokers when used as directed." in post #18 of this thread was in response to Thunderjet's post #16 in this thread.

I agree with Old Sarge, it's time to bury the dead horse!!!

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Martin - Thanks.  I knew what you meant and who it was for.


Foamheart - Love the graphic.  Someday I will learn how to add the nice little touches to a post, like that.



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