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SMoked green tomatoes.

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Was cooking at a friends house for the forth of July and had left over stuffing from the ABT's. Decided to core out a couple of green tomatoes and stuff them with the filling from the ABT's. Stuffed then wrapped in bacon and a good coat of rub. Smoked for around 2 hours til they started getting soft. Will definitely do this again was great. Sorry didn't get a picture of them finished. They were gone to quick. If you like green tomatoes these are Delicious


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Just a couple?? You could have done a bunch of them :biggrin:

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That looks great will have to try that at the end of my Tomato yr. 


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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I just did a batch of ABTs, but I have to admit smoked green tomatoes sound great, will try soon.

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