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July 4th Pulled Pork

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I know the pictures aren't the greatest. I used pecan wood. I have noticed pecan doesn't leave as much smoke ring as hickory. We were in a hurry to get over to a party. I pulled at 198°. I noticed a huge difference between that and 205. It didn't pull that well. I defatted the drippings then mixed it in with pork. Waa good but its no brisket.
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Ahhh too bad you had to pull so early...I have been there before too....where at that point I ask my guests if they care to wait another hour or two, or order pizza and my wife and I could have some great sammies all week long! LOL


They always opt for waiting it out....just can beat a perfectly cooked pork butt!



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Looks good, regardless......I've been on a cherry wood kick lately. Nice color to the finished meat and fairly mild IMO.....Willie

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I use a lot of pecan, I like it  also cherry when I can get it    Good job !!!


Gary S

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