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smoked snakehead

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Looking for a good recipe for snakehead fish.
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I hope you find one, I heard those fish are very good eating. They haven't made their way this far west yet, so I fish for Northern Pike when I'm in the mood for a big, white-meat fish.

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I had it last night on the grill with butter garlic and a herd mix. And it was great. No fish taste at all. I guess I'll be trying all different ways now. I love on MD and everyone is bowfishing for them.
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Man that sounds great! I never thought about bow fishing for pike...they do sun themselves up shallow a lot. I don't know if them snakeheads will make it this far northwest, but our SD climate is prolly similar to MD, so why not?


I like to brine my pike fillets overnight in a very light saltwater. So light I could drink it. It really adds seasoning to the meat.

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I want to smoke some now to see how good it is.
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