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4th of July Pork Shoulder and Ribs!

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Got more meat from another wild hog, this one about 300 lbs. Took home a shoulder and a big rack o' ribs.



Gonna put 'em in the Weber Smoker with mesquite wood, hold at 220*-250*. Ribs will get the 2.5-2-1 method with some Sam Adams Boston Lager and what Trader Joe's calls South African Smoke Seasoning. Shoulder'll get the usual wrap at 180* and pull at 205*. Here it goes!


Who needs fireworks? This thing looks like a jet engine



Shoulder Shot



Shoulder, Rack, and Rib Bits (Riblets?), rubbed wrapped and ready the morning



"We're gonna need a bigger boat." - er, pan. 



Grate shot, if I do say so myself



Wrapped the Riblets up same time as the ribs.



Ate the bits when I unwrapped and replaced the ribs on the smoker



Just pushed with the flat of my blade, and they fell apart 



Ribs were done an hour later. Some of that is pullback, but some of it just fell off in transfer off the grill. Pretty tender!






I've done briskets that took less time than this. 10 hour smoke



Super Juicy. Like, lots.



And a lil' movie magic:



Happy 4th, ya'll :)


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Looks great. 


Wild pig is one thing I've not had a chance to try.  We don't have many (or any) in the northwest.


Looks like you had a great meal though.

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