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First smoke with pics! :-) with Q-View!

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So I finally got to break in my first smoker yesterday with some ribs!  Got em out and got 'em prepped up using the amazing rub I got from SMF. Totally worth it!



Got both slabs rubbed up and ready to go.  Had the akorn up to 225 steady (thank you maverick digital thermometer and lump charcoil!) along with some nice local apple wood and slapped em on for the first two hours. Popped the smoker open on the hour to spray quickly with a little apple juice to keep em nice and moist.  (going for the fall off the bone style ribs)


After two hours, I pulled em out and threw em into a double layer of heavy duty aluminum foil with about 2 oz. of Apple Juice, sealed em up and threw em onto the grill for another hour.

 (This is right before sealing them up in the foil)


Then I pulled em out and opened em up, sprayed em down with a little more apple juice and threw em both back on the grill for another hour.

Here is a look at the finished product!


The bone literally lifted right out of the meat, the rub was just perfect and not overwhelming, and I made some of the sauce from here and served it on the side.  For those that wanted sauce, it took it the extra step for sure!  We had about 20 people over and the ribs got absolutely demolished in minutes.  I've never seen so many people so happy about the food they are eating.  I received a ton of complements and told that if I didn't make more of these soon several close friends would be pissed because they were so delicious.  LOL!  Made my day that I was able to make something that made so many people happy!  


Things I learned:  


- Low and slow works wonderfully!

- The wood chunks really do make a distinct difference in flavor!

- The rub and sauce recipes you can buy from here area delicious!  I STRONGLY recommend spending the money and getting them.  They were MAJOR hits!

- My wife wasn't too keen on me spending the money to get my smoker originally, she hates spending money on anything... and then she had the ribs.  I'm now allowed to spend money on whatever I need as long as I keep making delicious BBQ.  That's a major win in my book! :-D


Thank you all for the knowledge that you have shared, your tips and experiences.  I read a ton of info on here prior to cooking these up and it made all the difference in the world! 


More 'Q to come!


- MichaelD

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Looks great. Glad to hear you enjoyed them so much.

Also glad to hear that your new smoker and gadget didn't let you down.
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Those are some good looking ribs!
You cooked them 2 hrs unwrapped, 1 hr wrapped, then 1 more hr unwrapped?
Great Q-view pics
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