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Newbie in central MA

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Happy holiday weekend everyone!


Longtime griller, newbie smoker here - doing my first ever smoke today, 6 lb. pork picnic using brand new Masterbuilt 30" w/applewood chips (here's a "before" pic).  It's my daughter's birthday party today (3 years old), so I've got chicken & burgers ready for the grill just in case things don't turn out well.  Beautiful day here after Arthur drowned us out yesterday.  Wish me luck!





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Welcome to the board, and good luck!

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Welcome neighbor! We just got a few inches of real wind. Today looks like a corker ! Good luck with that shoulder.
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Welcome to SMF Rained here in Jersey pretty hard lots of wind. I will probably be up that way next weekend. Hope the little one has a Happy B-Day


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Welcome to SMF from East Texas, how did it turn out ?


Gary s

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Thanks everyone, I'm proud to say the pork came out great and I got rave reviews from our guests.  Here's the "after" pic, had some real nice bark.  Also did some BBQ beans in the smoker (couldn't help myself) using a recipe on these boards that came out awesome.  Will be smoking lots going forward!!



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Hey looks awesome! I'm a newcomer to these boards too. Just joined a few days ago. I'm in Boston. Doing a rack of spares today. I've got the 30" MES too. Added a cold smoking attachment to it and am using it for the first time today. That butt looked awesome! Glad it went well.
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