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Strange, I've had the Masterbuilt offset since May 2012 and it only has superficial rust, mainly where I've overheated the paint. Nothing is approaching any kind of mechanical failure. At this rate I expect at least another five years of service out of it, if a tree doesn't fall on it first.

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Smokers are like a wife.Many different types and sizes, still if you dont take care of it or her, someone or some thing else will .Rust or another man will take her away.It is your fault if she abandons you...................





Wow , Dandl , that was Prophetic :icon_exclaim:

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Get a weber...

A good choice all around . . .


Have fun and . . . 

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Well her she is 3 Years old and a true disappointment it was covered and cleaned in the off season.



Rear vents plugged up to get the heat up




she is a little dirty cause it been used twice this season.






All that crap is the rust that fell off the flavorizer and mount brackets.



The mount for the favorizer and burner rotted off completely



The fix is easy  a drill drill bit screwdriver adj wrench and 9 #8-31 X1' screws and nuts.

It will last till the end of the season or until I get my finances straighten out. 



Holes drilled where the top of flavorizer would be






Two screw to keep the burner leval



There it is all put together and cleaned up. those favorizer might not make it the season but Ill see



The pictures of the charcoal side got lost but the bottom is rotted and has tree holes.

Man three years old my in-laws Charbroil sits outside all year not covered and is 7 years old and in much better shape then this thing and they never clean it of take any care of it.

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