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Where to find pellets in Canada?

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I have a traeger pellet grill, however I find the pellets to be a bit expensive for the quality of the pellet. I've read some good reviews on here about bbqers delight, but not sure I can get them in Canada. Anyone has any recommendations??

Thanks in advance!!
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BBQ delight are more expensive than Traeger. They sell by lb vs traeger by 10/20 lbs bags. However they are 100% the wood shown on the package. Best for a-maze-n smoking devices.

Check Ontario gas BBQ (world largest BBQ store). They ship.
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Canadian Tire now sells Louisiana Grill pellets. i myself ordered a ton of Lumber Jack pellets. im in north west BC and it was still a good deal including shipping. get some people together and get an order. they came from the western US and like i said even with shipping was a good deal. they are a decent pellet. 100% flavor wood. so living in Toronto your shipping will be alot less.



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