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Hello jockaneezer.  I think right now I'd prefer the grenade.  I hope I don't fall on my *** cause it's gonna be hanging out there.  There may not be many notes to take Graeme; I've shot my mouth off enough,  I won't be using any therms.  I still don't own one.  Have had one smoke with the new Weber, hoping for another this weekend.  Is a little quirky just like every new smoker but will get there.  The MAIN concern I have is getting that brisket done and ready for the feast.  We shall see what we shall see.  Keep Smokin!


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No worries Danny, I'm sure it'll be a blast and anyway, there's always beer !

I've had a few goes with my new Weber kettle, it's on at the moment as my son's just called round with some burgers and some individual coated ribs that never seem to cook well ( need to have a serious word with him :icon_lol: ) I'm having some ups and downs with temp control but I'm getting there, not been sticking to one brand of charcoal so that doesn't help either but I do love my big Weber and wished I'd got one years ago. 

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Hello.  Yep, same here with the Weber.  I usually had a large offset and just used cheap knock-offs to grill steaks and such.  Sold the offset.  When I think of how much money I've spent buying the cheapies, could have had the Weber years ago.  For some reason my mates at work think it strange that I own 5 smokers ( counting the 1 under construction and the 1 headed for the tip )  th_dunno-1[1].gif  When all said and done I'll only have 4.  That's practically smoker poverty!!  They don't seem to my the food from the smokers though.  Keep Smokin!


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Starting to get things ready for the meet...


2 sides of salmon in a dill cure - it is in the smoker now. This will be traditional smoked salmon. I will do some smoked salmon fillets nearer the time




Some cheese in the smoker. A mixture of cheddar and some Mozzerella. Now maturing in the fridge.



I have also recently invested in a commercial crepe maker that I may bring along. It makes good crepes but I will be testing it today to see how well it cooks tortillas. If it works then this may be a great way of serving some of the meat on the day.



This was it on its maiden voyage and I had not got the plate seasoning right - that has now been sorted :biggrin:

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Hi Wade it all looks good to me, except the Salmon! I don't like fish and fish don't like me!

I will be bringing a refrigerated trailer with me, so we will have lots of space for refrigerating food.

Will be using one side to carry equipment like tables, gazebo lights etc, the other side, is free for food, beers & wines!

Every body is welcome to use it!

Smokin Monkey
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Hello Wade.  My Missus will be first in line for the smoked salmon.  She LOVES the stuff.  You won't find that on too many Texas redneck BBQ menus.  At least not the old timers like me.  Times are changing though so I guess I'll have to pick your brain at the weekend and learn how to do it.  NOW that cheese on the other hand is right up my street.  Looking forward to it.  



Hello Smokin Monkey.  That trailer will be GREAT!!!!  I have just finished installing an under counter slim line fridge in the caravan but I am sure we all might need some fridge space.  Thank you.  Slim line is the only thing that fits through a caravan door or window and the Missus put her foot down when it came to making the door bigger and installing an American size fridge freezer!  :wife:   Sounded good to me. th_dunno-1[1].gif

Keep Smokin!


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