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Can't post pics

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first of all, I like the mobile site a lot! Easy to navigate, easy to read. That said, I cannot get pictures to upload. I'm on a Win8.1 phone. When I hit the image icon, all I get is an option to enter a URL for the image. No browse or upload option. Is this a Windows phone prob?

thanks -
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Just for a point of reference, I tried on my Android mobile, using Firefox, and I get both options. Upload from device or post a link.


Odd that it would be a Windows phone issue.

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some mobile browsers don't support the site well. Some folks use a third party app like tapatalk as it makes uploading pics from the mobile device very easy. 


Good luck! 



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Do you have your pics on photo bucket? I upload all the time.
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Hey Bob - didn't know about Tapatalk! I dig it - thanks!
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There is a setting for new members that prevents them from posting pictures until they have a certain number of post. I have told it to allow you to do it so please try again.

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