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Hello Everyone and Happy 4th of July

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Hello all,


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here that has helped me learn, have been reading for sometime and thought it time I said thanks.


Just moved from Central Florida to Northern Colorado, and have 2 propane smokers at this time.

I enjoy smoking almost every weekend and today for the 4th of July I am doing an 8.6 lb prime rib, smoked mac and cheese, and a batch of wicked baked beans.

I will post Qview photos later today or in the am.


Again Big thanks to all that post info and recipes to help everyone out.

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Welcome h8 !!


And Happy 4th to you!!


Florida to Northern Colorado----Wow, that's a change!!




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I have much love for Northern Colorado! If you like beer there are many great breweries to tour and sample!

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Thanks Bear, and Brewquest.

I am enjoying a few cold ones at this time, but I am not big on the micro brews, tend to stick to Bud light or Coors light.


But there are a ton of the brew houses out this way, that is for sure.

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Hello and a big welcome from East Texas


gary S

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