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Hello, my name is Eddie and i currently live in Charleston, SC serving in the NAVY. I have been grilling for years and have just started getting into smoking in the past 4 months. I use a Char-Griller pro offset with side fire box, and have modded it with a lot of the things that I have read from these forums.

I figured after using all the information here as a "lurker", I might as well sign up and join the discussions.

So far I have smoked:

A full packer brisket
A pork loin sirloin
A boston butt for pulled pork
Countless Racks of ribs (my favorite)
Whole Chickens
Individual Chicken pieces

Also i have started making different rubs and sauces, either from recipes on here and changing certain ingredients and trying different rubs. It really is a weekend addiction.

Hope to learn some more things as well.

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Hello Eddie, and welcome to the forum from East Texas


Gary S

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Welcome to the board, and jump in! What are your favorite smoking woods?


I had a job that had me visiting military commissaries in the South and I grabbed the chance to try Southern Q. I was struck by the way most of it wasn't heavy on the smoke like it is here in Ohio. You walk in to the restaurant and yes it smells like smoke, but the flavor of the meat is more like oven-roasted with just a kiss of smoke flavor.


And you get iced tea without asking for it.

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