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chicken skin

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Hi you all. Happy 4th of July. I usually smoke chicken without the skin because I never can get it to firm up. We dont like rubbery skin. I was thinking about ecperimenting with one by leaving the skin on and brushing a lil bacon grease on it twards the end. Maybe throwing it on the gas grill on higher heat to get the skin crispy or at least firm. My el cheapo old barrel smoker will not get hot enough to crisp it up.. anyone every try thisc technique or have any suggestions.
thank you all fir any info.
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You can use a hot grill or even the oven to crisp up the skin

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Yep, just pull the bird from the smoker at an IT of 150-155°F, then take it the last 10-15° over Indirect high heat of your grill or in a 425°F Oven. You are looking for a finished IT of 165° in the breast and 175° in the thigh...JJ

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Thank for the information!
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