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Alder Smoke Chips

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Hello guys,

I have some Alder smoke chips at the house and was wondering what to smoke?
I have a 22.5" Napoleon kettle grill and wanting to try something new..
thanks again.
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Welcome to the board! Alder is popular for fish. It's not widely available around here.

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I have never smoked fish before, Im more of a beef and potato kind of guy.
what kind of fish would do? I can get some fresh Icelandic fish from one of the local shops here.
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Start with salmon! You can find a lot of different approaches and results on this board. But I would guess that any good fresh fish you can get should do well, just have a light touch with the smoke.


Have you browsed the Fish section here yet?

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Ok will do, thanks for the info.
Happy 4th of July to you and your family.
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Welcome from East Texas, glad you joined up


Gary S

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Thank you.
Lots of good info here from good people.
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