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Brisket emergency?

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Started smoking a choice 12lb whole brisket at 4am I'm my MES. Woke up a couple of times to add wood and to my surprise the internal temp is already at 170 just three hours in! Coming temp was set at 225. I pulled it and now have foiled it and set the temp back to 210 just to slow things down a little. This is my first whole packer and am nervous that it's cooking way too fast. Thoughts??
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I'm not sure how long its been cooking. How long has it been cooking? 170 seems a bit high do you trust accuracy of thermometer? Placement in the meat? What temp you cooking at?

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I do trust the thermometer on both the mes and my probe. Cooking at 225 but foiled and at 210 now to slow things down. Surprising to hot so high so early. I was planning on. A 10-11 hour smoke. For sanity sake I did have another thermometer and it read about the same. Kinda stressed....$70 choice brisket that I've been bragging to friends and family on how great it will be. Hate to serve them a dried out brisket
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Well, a couple thoughts here...... the masterbuilt controllers are notorious for being way off. Did you verify your chamber temp as well as the meat temp? Second...don't panic. A good size brisket will keep for quite a few hours after its done. Cook it to the IT you were planning and check for tenderness. Once you're there double wrap in foil with some liquid, wrap that in a towel, and drop in a cooler......and leave it ALONE. No peeking. She'll come out hot and ready to eat for 4, 5 hours....or more.
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Didn't check the temp of the smoker. That will be my next purchase. Things have slowed a bit. I'm at 185 5 hours in wrapped with smoker temp set at 2:10.
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I thought so. I guarantee you're cooking at a good 40 degrees or more than your set temp. Masterbuilt is aware of the issue and they'll send you a new controller if you call. Sometimes it helps, sometimes not. In either case consider a maverick et series remote therm. Monitors meat and chamber temp and is accurate. Great tool to have.
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