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First annual smoke off

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Today marks the first annual smoke off between myself and my cousins.  On my menu is pulled pork and chicken cordon blue fatties.  Competition i am facing is my cousin who is doing a brisket and smoked mac and cheese with his own ghost bacon.  My other cousin who is doing turkey legs and my other cousin who im not really counting because he is doing ribs in the oven.  Should be a good time.  I think around 40 people are coming and we are smoking around 100lbs of meat.  Is there a better way of celebrating the birthday of 'Merica!!! 

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Nothing like a little family friendly competition. Just had 1st rib cookoff with my Dad and brother in law.
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My pics are under a different thread! I guess I can add 1 here!
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I can't get anybody, friends or family to compete against me...JJ  :th_crybaby2:

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If we lived closer I would be willingly to cook off with you chef j

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That would be fun...JJ

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