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1st ever build of any kind

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Well I happened to be watching the grand championship of BBQ pit masters last year and discovered the lang reverse flow smoker. I thought, I can make one of them. Boy I didn't know what I was thinking!! Well here it is from start to finish.. My brother with our tank
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You're going to need more than a tank labeled scrap. Don't tease us, where is the finish!? biggrin.gif
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Snow in Michigan on the 4th of July?

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sorry for the delay was trying to download pictures from my phone and had a hard time.  So now at it with the computer here are a few pictures.  In the spring we started cutting into the tank, luckily we found a gas saw to make short work of it!!!



Then I found a bunch of old pallets to burn that stink out of it.

working on the racks, wanted a warming rack as well as a large rack for whole hogs, plus I wanted the racks to pull out so no support in the middle between the doors.

Got the fire box mounted to the tank and to the trailer, boy is that thing a monster!!!


reverse flow opening to the tank

one last piece of metal has to be welded to the tank



did some black smith work today bending 1/4 steel for the doors

Got the reversde flow plate welded to the tank and sealed everything up

welded on a grease catch 

getting the doors fitted back onto the tank











Well here it is just in time for July 4th.  Cosmetically there is still work to do but it is operational.  

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Looks my-T-fine to me..... how are you liking the way it burns and heats...... Dave
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I really couldn't be happier with the smoker Dave. It is totally different from what I'm familiar with, but I'm figuring things out. I noticed it's easier to heat it up higher than you want to cook at and adjust temp with the dampers. It seems to settle in at around 235 to 250 in temp, which is where I like to cook anyway. Here are a few picture from the first cook
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Hey.... the food looks mighty delicious.... Great job.... icon14.gif
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finished smoker

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That really is a thing of beauty, awesome job!!
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Sweet smoker:Looks-Great:!

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Nice Job !!!  Looks great


Gary S

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