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Picnic shoulder question

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It was 12.3 lbs., but I didn't want to do that big of a hunk all at once, cause I'll be in and out overnight working, so I cut it lengthwise. One piece is a little bigger than the other, with the bone. So, if I had to guess I would say a 7 pound and 5 pound (ish).

Question...1 1/2 hours per pound, so should I ( if I can get temps to stay on point between 225-250) say about 10 hours for the bigger piece and slightly less for the smaller?

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I always roughly figure 2 hours per pound so I don't get surprised by the stall. You can always hold the smaller one in foil/towel/cooler till ready for it.....HTH, Willie

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Yeah, Chef is right. With the rest, stall, and maybe a stubborn piece of 225 to 250 you should plan on closer to 2 hours. You can always wrap and hold them for a good long time if you're early. Better than making people wait.
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The small one was ready about 50 minutes before the big piece, which was ready ( a reading of 175...didn't go to 190 because of time constraints). Came out really good, even tho the bark on the small one was a little beyond black..LOL

 Thanks guys!!

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I have always used a pork butt for my pulled pork, but I am smoking a picnic shoulder, right now., because I like the NC BBQ with a little skin in it. My question is do we do anything different. I am smoking at 230 to 240 and plan to cook till it reaches 200 IT. Is there anything else I should do. My picnic is 9 lbs and I am figuring about 13 hours. Does the bone in the picnic speed up the cooking?

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Sounds like you have it covered, My shoulder was just about the same size after I removed the skin. Took it to 160* F then tented the foil pan, finished in the grill set at 350*

Total time 12 hrs.

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