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Sausage Pics

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Brat Green Chile, Brat, SmokedBrisket Sausage.

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Those look great.  I always wondered how brisket would be in sausage.

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Some of the LONGEST sausage I've ever seen :drool:

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Looks good from here 

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smoked and raw act very differently in my setup.i do a number of different things w/, the raw, currently working on a texas style hot link i'll do a basic brisket and garlic, and a 'rueben sausage'. the raw yields an excellent beef flavor. the brats are my mixture of brat spice, basically a combination of marjoram, nutmeg, anise, caraway, salt,'s a tricky mixture.


fat is key, the correct ratio is not only critical to process and texture, but flavor, fat is a carrier for spice oils, also, cooking, a grill versoin of low and slow.


appreciate the compliments.

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Nice looking sausages there S24
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thx, boykjo, appreciate it, like the pics of your frankfurter process.

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